Internet Suggestions

RTEC Communications customers have had success by adding the following FREE downloads to their computers to protect their computers from viruses, Trojans, Hi-Jackers and Pop-ups. Many of our customers also make sure their Windows updates are current.

  1. Windows Update – Overall operating update –, under product resources, click Windows Update (this is for IBM compatible computers – not Mac).
  2.  AVG – Antivirus – Weekly updates, daily scans –
  3. Spybot Search and Destroy – Weekly updates and daily scans – Trojans, Hi-Jackers, and Pop-ups

Note: When running Windows scan, all programs must be closed. When scan is finished, computer must be restarted.

The best way to avoid computer problems is to shut your computer down at night or when not in use. Hackers have a tendency to get into computers at night and bounce off your email address to send out spam. You probably wouldn’t want to have your name attached to the spam they are sending.