Business Solutions


Take control of your business and maximize productivity, while saving money with Ridgeville Telephone Company or RTEC Communications’ business solutions.  We pride ourselves in delivering high-quality, reliable communication services at a competitive price. Whether your organizational footprint is a single site or a large globally distributed enterprise, you’ll find high-performance data and voice solutions from Ridgeville Telephone Company or RTEC Communications to be the perfect answer to your advanced communications challenges.  Our special focus on customizing powerful, robust IT and telephony solutions means your business benefits from the communications technology it needs today with scalability for tomorrow.


Voice – We offer local and long distance telephone service and an array of features, all while saving you money.  Local service for business lines is a very competitive field and we have the capability of Local Number Portability, which allows you to keep your current phone numbers.  And we are able to customize a long distance plan to meet your specific business needs via our long distance partner, Bright Long Distance.


Internet Access – Take care of your Internet needs affordably and efficiently.  We are able to provide virtually any Asynchronous or Synchronous Internet connection that your business requires – from our standard 10 mbps down and 2 mbps up service to “as fast as you want to go” with our fiber-to-the-premise products.  We have the data network and technical expertise to help you determine the best broadband solution just for you, whether that is a Cable Modem, FTTH or Fiber-to-the-Business connection.


DATA (Synchronous Point-to-Point, ELAN, ELINE Services) – With the ever increasing need for businesses to communicate between multiple office locations, whether it is in NW Ohio or from NW Ohio to anywhere in the United States, we have Ethernet solutions for every circumstance.  ELAN Services enable a business to connect multiple locations on the same EVC, which enables businesses to save on expenditures on hardware needed for voice and data support.  ELINE Service provides point-to-point Ethernet connectivity between locations in need of internal VLAN continuity between two locations. All of these services can be engineered to meet your needs, whether it be 5 Mbps or 1 GIG.


Please contact us and we’ll customize a solution, designed to fit your specific business needs.